About Us

Reaching Out to Caregivers


Many caregivers aren't aware or find it too difficult to get the trustworthy and easily accessible information, advice, support, and resources to enhance their caregiving skills.  We can assist you in four areas.

1.  CaregiverStrong provides Caregiver Self-Care:

2.  Caregiver Ramp Up Transition Self-care-Our transition program when entering into a new caregiver/care receiver crisis.

3.  Best Practices for enhancing caregiver skills and alleviating, removing or minimizing primary caregiver stressors during a season of caregiving.

4. Caregiver Closing Transition Self Care-Our transition program when concluding/solving a caregiver/care receiver season due to recovery, remission, death, and post death restoration.

Creating Caregiver Support Networks


We can help you develop caregiver support teams for:

Your family



Non-profit organization


Community outreach 

Healthcare organizations

Our stress reduction programs focus on customized solutions and processes in four areas:

1. Self-care and Transition Processes

2.  BridgePaths- Caregiver  Personal Financial Planning

3. MajorHOPE-Christian Spiritual


4. alska- Caregiver Technology 

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Special Training for Professionals Working with Caregivers


Caregiver Self-care includes introductory presentations and work shops, keynote speaking, mentoring, panel discussions and classroom training.  

CaregiverStrong also provides a variety of assessment tools for skill and motivation to best prepare caregivers and their readiness level to take  or maintain this role. 

A critical component to our support is managing stress and buildng trust due to relational, social, medical, financial and spiritual changing conditions. 

Who is CaregiverStrong?

Beth and Jake Chaya are the Co-Founders of CaregiverStrong.

Co-Founders Beth and Jake Chaya

CaregiverStrong was founded in 2016, a second foundation to their first White Dove Foundation and is sponsored by The White Dove Foundation.

CaregiverStrong was established because of the White Dove mission of  "caring for the bottom billion people of the world." 

When we realized there are over 65 million caregivers in the USA and expected to double in less than ten years we saw that caregivers are often forgotten, isolated and feel they are ignored and unsupported.  

Beth has been Jake's caregiver for 32 of their 44 years due to some chronic illnesses, injuries and health complications.  The Chaya's know first hand and have worked with professionals who work directly with caregivers and care receivers to develop caregiver awareness, education and support programs. 

These programs provide training curriculum, keynote speaking, workshops and classroom instruction, mentoring and coaching.

CaregiverStrong also sponsors  and conducts special caregiver appreciation events.   We work with healthcare, charities, business and ministry partners to give caregivers hope and reduce their "bottom billion feelings."

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The White Dove Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization and sponsors CaregiverStrong

The White Dove Foundation was established as a 501 c 3 in 1997.  The  EIN is 41-1872788

CaregiverStrong has four governing board members and an advisory team of experienced caregivers and professionals who assist caregivers with services.

CaregiverStrong also has a network of trusted professionals who can assist families in health, financial and faith crises due to health conditions, especially in transitional events.

97% of all donations go directly to caregiver training and professional/non-professional support.